Welcome to Baby Belly Bumps 3D and 4D ultrasound studio!

Have you ever stopped to think how miraculous it is that women can grow tiny humans inside their bodies?  Two cells join together to divide and multiply over and over to eventually become a baby.  The miracle of life growing, changing and developing into a fetus is something so amazing, so big, that it is almost indescribable.  Being able to witness this and share this amazing journey with you is my passion.  After 16 years, I still get excited and still get chill bumps when I see babies wiggling and making faces.  


At Baby Belly Bumps this is what I GET to do for a living- to show expecting parents, families and friends this miracle at all stages whenever YOU WANT.

My goal is to make it easy and affordable for anyone to get an elective prenatal ultrasound.  I hope to provide an amazing and unforgettable experience- whether you are looking for a personal, relaxing and intimate bonding experience or a big celebration with your friends and family.  We use one of the newest GE machines on the market with cutting edge 3D/4D and NOW HD technology to get you the best possible images of your precious baby.