With 12 years of ultrasound experience at a local OB office as an ultrasound tech and an Associates of Applied Science specializing in Diagnostic Medical Sonography, I am uniquely qualified to capture your babies images.    I am also registered with ARDMS.

Why choose Baby Belly Bumps?

  • OB ultrasound has ALWAYS been my love and passion.  I will put my heart in to every ultrasound I perform.

  • Welcoming studio with a separate HUGE viewing room large enough to hold as many people as you want.

  • Your entire ultrasound will be displayed on a large projector screen.

  • Children are VERY welcome!  We even have a play area in direct eyesight from the viewing area.

  • A REAL BED!!  While watching your baby stretch, yawn, hiccup, smile or grimace, you will be super comfy on a memory foam bed with an adjustable base—NO uncomfortable tiny exam tables here!

  • Pricing that everyone can afford.

  • Specials and drawings on Facebook

  • Flexible hours, 7 days a week

  • Discounts given to service members